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Rabu, 15 Juli 2009

Stop Dreaming Start Action

Dreaming Boleh! BAGUS MORE ACTION!

Dreaming defined in the Indonesian language is mimpi. In fact what it is "a dream", what type of animal or demon? No, the dream is a product resulting from natural or human mind from our right brain. The dream can be more when we can also realize at the time of half-conscious, meaning when we sleep. Dream when we sleep, said the interest rates DOELOE is sleeping. If dreaming that at the time in our conscious state can mean fantasy.

Famous people and great success in this world and sure of success begins with a dream / dreaming. This is the dream of "ideas" and "inspiration", then they realization with the action or actions. With the action begins with a dream and produce a very large paper. Here we can contohkan as Neil Armstrong, the first human space precisely in months. Originally derived from certain dreams / dream. Examples of prominent figure such as the aircraft, a dream can fly like a bird.

The word dream (dreaming) is almost equivalent to the word goal, that is so different very-very small. Why, title this post with a contest for behind mas Joko Susilo, whoa! Dreaming (the dream) are dreaming / dream that dreaming is not positive that negative meaning, like a dream so successful with rob people or sacrilege others.

That distinguish between those who have been successful from the ACTION (action) it. Ideas obtained from the dreams (dreaming) that are only stored in the warehouse we do not have the means. Dream in the form of ideas will be valuable after wujudnya enhanced into something more concrete with an ACTION or actions.

How can I take a sentence from the book of James Gwee Positive Business Ideas and I had to follow his seminar.

( If you take the same ACTION everyday, you will always get the same RESULT. If you want a different result, then you must CHANGE YOUR ACTION !

After I read the article Joko Susilo Degree SEO Contest Berhadiah 25 Million Rupiah, I dreamed to be able to gift (he ... he ...enough allowance), this one dream that more positive and more positive action is done by making this post and register to this race.
Come on you all who have a creative dream, let's show with ACTION to achieve a successful life.

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